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What is Synergetic Myofascial Release?

Synergetic Myofascial Release is a combination of deep tissue techniques combined with active movement from the client. This work is based off of Structural Integrator Ida Rolf. It is not your average deep tissue massage. Little to no oil or cream is used. The idea is to get the body back to its normal state of alignment and balance. 

how do i dress for the session?

For the session, you will be dressed in shorts and sports bra or a two-piece bathing suit (for women) or just shorts (for men). Prior to starting the session, a postural assessment will be done. You will take before and after pictures to see what results came from the session. This will not only help the therapist, but will help you as a client see a visual representation of the results to help you have a better understanding of body awareness.


The Sessions

Superficial Fascia (The Sleeve)
1. The Front Body
2. The Back Body
3. The Side Body
(Sessions 2 and 3 are interchangeable)

Deep Fascia (The Core)
4. The Lower Core
5. The Upper Core
6. The Deep Back
7. The Neck, Jaw, Skull, and Shoulders (the goal is to put the head back on top of the shoulders)

Integration Sessions (Functional Movement)
8. The Lower Body Integration
9. The Upper Body Integration
10. Whole Body Integration - getting the body moving and back in balance



What is fascia?

Fascia is the web of connective tissue that holds our body together. It interpenetrates every muscle, bone, vein, artery and nerve, as well as our internal organs. This also includes he brain and the spinal cord. It is one continuous structure that goes nonstop from your head down to your toes. A lot of our common pain such as back pain, inflammation, lack of mobility, stems from fascia restrictions. Any sort of trauma both physical and emotional, any repetitive motion, scarring, inflammation, surgeries, whiplash, etc. will cause the fascia be in a state of tension. This leads to pain, limit flexibility, unbalances and other restrictions in the body which could lead overcompensation or muscle guarding.